LVS-Trainingscamp Lizumerhütte

There is a permanent training camp for the equipment used to locate avalance victims (LVS) at the Lizumerhüttemp.


New safety initiative from the Hall Alpenverein

In the Lizumerhütte in the Wattental the Hall Alpenverein now has its own, new and permanent LVS training camp, providing a super service for avalanche and touring courses, for education and training, for alpine sports people, instructors, coaches of both sexes, Alpenverein sections, mountain rescue services, alpine police, USI etc. The Alpenverein’s and the mountain rescue service’s new LVS checkpoint is also installed at the Lizumerhütte at the starting point for many ski tours.

Here people going on ski tours and variants of them, snow shoe people, snowboarders of both sexes and other interested persons can try out the right application of the equipment for locating avalanche victims (LVS) here under realistic conditions. “We can’t have people who go ski touring almost being seen as criminals”. But anyone skiing off-piste must be responsible for himself/herself and be fully conscious of that in relation to other people. The Alpenverein’s message on the prevention of avalanche-related incidents is contained in the words “information”, “training” and “courses”, emphasises Gerald Aichner, President of the Tyrol’s branch of Austria’s Alpenverein. It is for this reason that the Hall Alpenverein is now offering, close to the Lizumerhütte, a permanent training site where people can use LVS equipment to practice locating avalanche victims.

Training facilities

The LVS training camp provides facilities for training people to locate avalance victims. Various avalanche-related scenarios can be recreated on the training site. Here everyone can go through how the LVS equipment is used on the spot – everything can be practised from simple situations to complicated multiple-avalanche occurrences.
Several LVS transmitters are buried in the snow at various depths on the training site at the Lizumerhütte. The LVS transmitters can be activated using a radio command from a control centre.

LVS testing probes

With LVS testing probes, the Tyrol’s Alpenverein and mountain rescue service seeks to heighten ski tourers’ awareness of hazards and their own responsibility. The effect of the appeal focuses firmly on the necessity to always carry LVS equipment that is modern and in working order. This is against the background of the fact that about one third of ski tourers still dispense with this standard emergency equipment.
Given prior notice, the LVS facilities can be used by anyone and by groups.

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