The Glungezerhas a new exciting leisure activity to offer since the summer season 2022. The new discgolfcourse delights both locals and visitors.  Similar to the traditional game of golf, the aim is to reach the target with as few throws as possible, but in disc golf a special Frisbee disc is used instead of a ball. The course currently consists of twelve stations.

Although the disc golf community in Tyrol is still relatively small, the new course on the Glungezer promises to make this sport increasingly popular.

The disc golf course at Glungezer offers both beginners and experienced players an exciting challenge. The courses have been designed to be a little more challenging for adults, while being a little easier for children. Players throw their special Frisbee discs from the tees and try to get them into the target baskets with the most accurate throws possible. The Frisbee discs, which are optimized for disc golf are slightly smaller than traditional Frisbees, allow for precise trajectories and make for a challenging and fun playing experience.

The disc golf course at Glungezer expands the diverse range of recreational opportunities. The course not only offers a sporting activity for all ages, but also a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the nature around the Halsmarter.

Frisbee discs are available at the entrance to the ball pit for a rental fee of € 2.00 - A deposit of € 10.00 will be collected and paid after proper return.