Kugelwald at the Glungezer

Adventure World

The adventure world "Kugelwald at the Glungezer" is the world's largest ball track in the open air and invites you to exercise, enjoy playing and be creative in a natural forest area. At an altitude of 1,560 meters above sea level, the mountain adventure world offers an experience area of 8,000 square meters. Like in a roller coaster, the wooden balls roll through the forest on pine tracks. In addition to jumps and steep sections, a hollowed-out tree stump, a ball lift and many elements to design yourself ensure that the speedy Swiss stone pine balls run smoothly. Conviviality, fun and games are not neglected here!

Consisting of sustainably built wooden ball tracks and playground equipment, the mountain experience world focuses on the conscious experience of nature. Different wooden ball tracks guide visitors of all ages through the play area in a self-explanatory way. The entire facility was built from pine wood and can be played without external energy. The adventure world is equipped with different stations, which are composed of wooden ball tracks, skill and active equipment as well as a 25 square meter tree house.


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The Kugelwald


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